Shelving Systems

Industrial and commercial shelving for factories, workshops, archives and offices.

Mobile or Static Shelving
General office storage
Box files (Foolscap & A4)
Lateral hanging filing
Archive / Bankers box storage
Brochures / Product literature
Media tape storage
Medical records / Patient notes
Stationary / Garment storage

Warehouse, Factory, Stockroom use
Shelving and racking systems available
Steel shelves, chipboard decking or steel profile panels
Hand loaded Items only
Loads from 40Kg up to 500Kg per shelf level.
Widths from 600mm to 2700mm
Shelving and Racking available up to 4.8 metres high

Wherever there’s a need for storage, there’s a job for Euro Industrial Shelving. From stand-alone single units to multi-level storage bays, Euro Industrial Shelving is a single, simple to use, versatile solution. Euro Industrial Shelving features unique shelf supports that simply slot into place giving firm support for even the heaviest loading requirements, yet allowing for quick and easy repositioning whenever required. Standard shelves will support loads of up to 200Kgs (440Lbs) and when even that’s not enough, there’s the option to specify heavy or extra heavy duty for the more demanding storage environment.

This easy to build, bolt free heavy duty shelving system has great strength and durability. With its hard wearing and smooth zinc finish, our heavy duty shelving is at home in any environment. The wide range of depths and widths offers flexible and cost-effective storage solutions. Standard Supershelf shelving bays are 2000mm tall but frames are available up to a height of 5000mm. Additional shelf levels and a wide range of accessories such as mesh cladding, shelf dividers, modular containers and label holders provide great versatility allowing systems to be designed to meet specific needs. The modular containers are excellent substitutes for flat shelves and enable the storage of loose unboxed parts, which would not be stable on a flat shelf. The modular containers are available in four shelf depths 320mm, 400mm, 500mm & 600mm.

Q ..Is your storage capacity insufficient for your business needs
A... Mobile Shelving optimises your available storage space
Release up to 50% extra floor space or increase your storage capacity by up to 100% over conventional static shelving
Ideal for office filing, Archive box storage, Medical records storage
Also suitable for heavy duty applications
Hand (manual) or Electrically (powered) operated systems

Storage of Archive or Bankers Boxes on steel
Wide variety of sizes available to fit most box sizes Shelving / Racking available complete with archive boxes
Heights vary to match the available headroom
Mobile and static archive box shelving available

Catering, Office, Retail Display, Hospitals, Factory, Coldroom
Open wire construction for maximum air circulation and visibility
Our Chrome wire Shelving offers simple to build and stylish storage solutions. Chrome Wire Shelving is ideal for home, garage and the office as well as retail, Industrial and display due to the open wire construction offering excellent light distribution onto the products displayed. Plastic coated (Permaseal) is a hard baked green epoxy resin with twice the protection. Recommended for use in damp areas, cold rooms and freezers.
Permaseal products are guaranteed for 15 years.

Hygienic shelving for sterile / clean environments
Wire or Solid shelves available, 304 Grade Stainless Steel. Mobile or Static shelving
The Quartermaster stainless steel shelving is ideal for hygienic environments, as it has no accessible inner voids to hide contamination. The Airdeck wire shelf forms the heart of the Quartermaster Stainless steel shelving system. The open shelf and posts are designed to allow light and air to flow freely. Weather airflow is used to cool and keep fresh, to remove dirt and contaminants

Garage shelving from Shelf Space Ltd, we have a storage solution for almost any storage problem. If your garage is like mine and full of boxes, golf clubs, tool boxes, plastic containers full of screws etc, etc, etc. Then you need a storage system that will organise your clutter and tidy up your garage, so you may even be able to get the car in!!. Home Shelving - Bolt Free Budget Kits. Simple to build, no tools, Incredibly strong and sturdy, assemble in only 3 minutes. Up to 75 kgs per shelf. Available painted or galvanised. Available in hammer grey & galvanised. This, home shelving system is a simple to build boltless shelving kit. Inside the shelving pack are the uprights, plastic feet, shelves and instructions. All you need is a hammer to tap down the shelves, we even provide the block of wood to protect the shelves. A cost effective home shelving system for general storage.

Rust free, totally non corrosive plastic shelving from Shelf Space Ltd. This plastic shelving system is ideal for catering, cooking area, food, hospital, hotel, kitchen, laboratory, or restaurant applications. Each plastic shelf is adjustable and the bays are easy to build. This shelving gives air circulation through the slatted shelves. .Easy to clean with removable panels - dish or tray washer acceptable. Fully adjustable every 50mm for great space saving. Each shelf level supports up to 365kg evenly distributed load. Static and mobile units available. NSF accredited. Applications: Cold rooms, Freezers, Wash down areas, Kitchen and pot wash.

Kitchen shelving (Active Quartermaster 3) employs new technology to provide a persistent and safe antibacterial surface action that can be washed many times, in fact can be steamed cleaned. After preparing the shelf to maximise adhesion high performance nylon is applied by immersion to ensure a thick coat that smoothes out edges and acute internal corners, providing a surface that is simple to wipe clean. Using new technology the antibacterial agent is incorporated into the nylon and therefore lasts as long as the coating, which we know can easily be over ten years. Active Quartermaster3 kitchen shelving is suitable for cold room applications down to -30oC. The coating has excellent wear performance and has good chemical and corrosion resistance but may be cut with sharp objects.

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Shelf space offer a huge range of shelving systems Shelf space offer a huge range of shelving systems
Bespoke Storage Design Service
Storage Design Designed to suit your storage & shelving requirements

We will design and build the ideal racking and shelving system for your factory or warehouse.