Mobile Shelving

Increase the capacity of your live storage and archiving with our complete range of mobile shelving systems.

With a high density compact mobile shelving system you could either double the capacity of your existing static filing / shelving system or create up to 50% additional floor space for other productive purposes.

The concept of Mobile Shelving is simple and the space you save could be HUGE!

Mobile shelving is an effective storage system, designed to provide space efficient storage and retrieval. That's why every mobile shelving system, whilst maximising the use of floor space for storage, will also give excellent accessibility to items stored.
Mobile shelving or rolling racking is most effective in saving space, as it eliminates the need for several access aisles. Because the shelving moves along floor tracks, the space for only one aisle is needed. When an item is required the particular shelving bay is identified and moving the mobile shelving units apart creates an adjacent aisle. Mobile shelving is opened and closed by pull handles, hand driven mechanical systems or electric motors with push-button control.

Ideal applications include: office filing systems (hanging files, A4 box files & foolscap lever arch files), archive box storage and archived document storage, media tape storage (VHS,Digibeta, CD’s & DVD), high density heavy duty industrial racking and shelving, medical and patient records for hospitals, doctors surgeries, X-Ray, pathology, pharmacy, schools and educational establishments, libraries and more.

The system is installed quickly and easily using pre-formed components, does not require fixing to the floor and is laid directly onto existing flooring, even carpet tiles. This eliminates the construction work associated with older, conventional mobile shelving systems, resulting in minimal disruption to your workplace during installation. A grid of tracks and beams is quickly laid and levelled to provide a level and secure foundation for the mobile bases. Tongue and groove floor panels are then laid to provide an attractive, hard wearing non slip laminate finish. Alternatively, flooring to accommodate carpet, vinyl or laminate finishes can also allows easy access for users, even with trolleys.

So, you like the concept of mobile shelving but you don’t know if it would work for you. What do you do next?

Just pick up the phone and call un on 01444 220290. We are here to discuss your specific requirements, alternatively, complete the enquiry form within the ‘Contact Us’ page and one of the Shelf Space team will be in contact with you, shortly. Alternatively, visit our Mobile Shelving Systems website for further information on the systems available.

Our compact mobile storage systems can be used for:
Office filing and general storage
Medical records & hospital, doctors, patient records
Library shelving for books, brochures and media
Archive filing and document storage
Architects practices for drawing
Retail stock storage
Small parts storage
Antiquities & Museum Storage
Archive Box Shelving
A4 Box Files
Lateral Hanging Files
X-ray departments for the storage of x-rays
Rotary Storage
Media Film & Tape Storage
School and educational supplies

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Mobile shelving for storing medical records Mobile shelving for storing medical records
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