Kitchen Shelving

Employing new technology for a persistent and safe antibacterial surface action that can be washed many times and be steamed cleaned

After preparing the shelf to maximise adhesion high performance nylon is applied by immersion to ensure a thick coat that smoothes out edges and acute internal corners, providing a surface that is simple to wipe clean. Using new technology the antibacterial agent is incorporated into the nylon and therefore lasts as long as the coating, which we know can easily be over ten years.

Eclipse Perma Plus kitchen shelving is suitable for cold room applications down to -30C. The coating has excellent wear performance and has good chemical and corrosion resistance but may be cut with sharp objects.

Kitchen Shelving - Airdeck Shelves
The Airdeck kitchen shelving wire shelf forms the heart of the Eclipse kitchen shelving system. The open shelf and posts are designed to allow light and air to flow freely. Weather airflow is used to cool and keep fresh, to remove dirt and contaminants or to save valuable seconds in detecting and containing fire, Airdeck improves performance over solid shelving. Eclipse Perma Plus Kitchen Shelving is ideal for hygienic environments, as it has no accessible inner voids to hide contamination.

Kitchen Shelving - Solid Shelves
Manufactured using 1.2mm steel sheet, formed to provide a safety edge. White epoxy coated suitable for general use in dry areas. 304 grade stainless steel is tough for metal to metal contact, washable and is suitable for cold rooms.

Kitchen Shelving - Stainless Steel
Manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel, electro-polished to remove surface imperfections and impurities and to provide a bright finish. This process is normally required for sterile applications. Stainless steel shelving has a very long life even under arduous conditions and is suitable for most environments.

Kitchen Shelving - Supporting Shelves
Shelf Supports, the two pieces of which, click and hold in place on the required locating ring support the shelf by a wedge action that is rigid and strong. Assembly is simple, adjustable and fast. Shelf hooks are used to suspend shelves, this allows for space efficient 90 degree open corners. Finishes match shelves, Note that using hooks reduces shelf loading and cannot be used with solid shelves.

Kitchen Shelving - Stability
Tall, uneven and marine applications require additional stability. Heavy duty feet, top ties and wall fixings, fixed and adjustable improve stability.

Kitchen Shelving - Components
The basic Eclipse Plus kitchen shelving components, posts and shelves are designed for simple and fast assembly. Accessories are designed to get the best from the available space. Posts are formed from 25.4mm tube with location rings at 62.5mm centres. Standard posts are 1625mm, 1820mm and 2130mm high, although sizes from 950mm to 2450mm are also stocked. Posts are fitted with black top caps and a threaded foot insert that accepts an 8mm rigid glide foot. 15mm of adjustment is provided. Greater adjustment can be provided by using an alternative insert and foot. Posts are finished with chrome plate for normal applications, with an additional clear epoxy coat for additional protection against corrosion. Stainless steel posts in mill finish 304 grade are also available for clean or heavy wire applications.

Framed 50mm square wire mesh retaining panels, singly or in sets fit sides and backs of shelf units. On mobile racks panels extend above the top shelf to retain items on the top shelf. Panel finishes match shelves. Panels hook over top shelf and are tied on intermediate shelves.

  • Ledges (150mm high) are fitted to back and sides of individual shelves to retain stock.
  • Shelf dividers (200mm high) can be fitted to individual shelves providing discreet locations.
  • Divider rods create fixed locations within a bay of shelving. Rods are positioned using clips or externally using rod hooks. Stocked in plate and bright zinc.
  • 3 sided braces are used to improve stability on 4 post units where the bottom shelf is omitted to provide floor access for bins or trolleys.

Eclipse Perma Plus Epoxy Coted Shelving comes complete with a 10 year anti-bacterial and anti-corrosion guarantee.

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