Ranger Shuttle Racking

Semi-automated high density pallet storage system using a battery powered shuttle to locate and retrieve pallets within a purpose-built steel structure

Pallet shuttles moves in and out of the structure on rails located within pallet storage lanes.

Shelf Space supplied one of the biggest Ranger Shuttle projects in the UK recently. The system maximised the available floor space and the available height within a cold store environment. The system was 21 pallets deep with 6 pallets being stored in the height and 35 lanes wide. Providing storage for 4410 pallets. For increased through put our client purchase 2 Ranger shuttles to use within the system.

So how does the Ranger Shuttle work?

The forklift driver positions himself in front of the storage lane he wishes to access. He then loads his pallet up and onto the storage lane he want the pallet located in. The Ranger Shuttle will then collect the pallet and quickly locate the pallet within the system. The forklift driver can then go and collect his next pallet ready for put away and by the time he gets back the Ranger Shuttle has put away the previous pallet and is back at the front of the system ready for the next one and so the process goes on. Working together with the Rangers WMS system and RF tags on the plastic totes the system knows exactly where every pallet is located in live time. Any pallet in any location the system can identify its exact location, when it was loaded and by whom. Keep track of your stock movements with this very clever WMS. This can also be tailored for your specific requirements.

For retrieval the system is very similar. The driver can use an on board controller that he can use to tell the WMS (Warehouse Management System) which pallet he wants and the onboard system witl tell him what lane and level he needs to position the shuttle. When the Ranger shuttle is positioned in the lane and level required it will wait for the first pallet to be lifted out of position by the forklift driver and then set to work picking up and bring the pallet to the front of the lane ready for removal. The process continues until the required pallet is reached. Within the system we supplied you could feed the pallets you are removing from the required lane into any available space and the system would know exactly which locations these pallets where occupying.

The pallet shuttle can handle most pallets sizes and weights up to 1500Kgs as the system is built around your storage needs. The Ranger can operate both LIFO and FIFO stock rotations. With regard to its speed, the shuttle can move up to 90m/min when empty and up to 45m/min when loaded.

The Ranger Shuttle system comes with a host of safety features to protect the forklift truck operator and the product being stored. It talks to the WMS and provides warning about battery power levels and its general well being, a lot like your car would make you aware of such problems with simple to read warning signs. Even if the shuttle is running out of power it will bringing itself to the front of its operating lane for retrieval and then can be put on charge. We supply additional lipo style batteries that can be easily replaced so down time can be kept to a minimum.

If you are interested in our Ranger Shuttle System then please contact us so we can set up a site meeting to discuss what the system can do for you. Contact us now on 01444 220290 and one of our sales team will be pleased to help.

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