Warehouse Barrier and Rack Protection

Our Warehouse Barriers help comply with today's Health & Safety regulations

As well as protecting racking, barriers segregate and protect lift truck battery chargers, vending machines, conveyors, factory or warehouse offices to demarcate pedestrian areas and doorways.

Protection Barrier
Modular Barrier System for protection against fork lift truck damage. Rail fits within the uprights to offer smooth face. Supplied as complete kit, comprising 2 uprights, 1 rail, floor fixings, nuts, bolts and washers. Rails are manufactured from steel, are 310mm deep and come in a galvanised finish as standard. Uprights are 750mm high and manufactured from 100mm x 100mm hollow steel section, powder coated orange with a plastic cap to top of post. Baseplate is pre-drilled for floor fixings.

Tubular Barrier
Modular Barrier System for protection against fork lift truck damage. Supplied as a complete 1 piece barrier with floor fixings. Barriers are manufactured  from 89mm diameter tube with rounded corners and powder coated Orange. Barriers are 500mm high.

Double Rail Barrier
Welded barrier system for end of racks or walkways in production and distribution areas. 750mm high, posts manufactured from 100mm x 100mm hollow section steel, rails manufactured from 100 x 50mm hollow section steel. Powder coated orange. Baseplates are pre-drilled for 4 floor fixings. Supplied complete with floor fixings

Upright/Corner Protectors
Protects the bottom of pallet racking uprights from accidental damage from fork lift trucks. 'U' shaped protector gives 3 way protection to the upright. The alternative 'L' type protector provides greater clearance from end of rack. Both are 400mm high, manufactured from 5mm steel, painted orange and supplied with floor fixings.

Tubular Bollards
Supplied complete with floor fixings. Powder coated orange, plastic cap fitted on top.
Height: 750mm
Tube diameter: 89mm
Base plate size: 200 x 200 x 10mm
Hole diameter: 14mm
Weight: 8kgs

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