Rotary Filing

Offering a 40% saving in space, high level security and good aesthetics the x5 meets the demands of the modern office environment

Rotary Storage Cabinetsx5 cabinets feature double sided shelving bays which rotate on a central axis to access either picking face.

This allows the operator access to over 10.5 linear metres of filing without moving, enabling a high filing pick rate. When not in use the cabinet can be locked in the closed position or if required in the open position allowing access to only one of the picking faces

The X5 Rotary Filing cabinet is a high density and fast retrieval rotary filing system system with double sided cabinets mounted on a heavy duty rotary base. A 90 degree turn provides access to either shelf face without the operator moving from the spot.

More efficient than conventional filing cabinets, X5 rotary filing system delivers open access filing, quickly, reducing retrieval times by up to 50%.
X5 integrates very well with the commercial environment.X5 can be easily removed and re-positioned without disruption.

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