Hand Operated Mobile Storage System

Mobile Shelving is an effective storage system, designed to provide space efficient storage and retrieval

Mobile Storage SystemEvery mobile shelving system, whilst maximising the use of floor space for storage, will also give excellent accessibility to items stored. When an item is required the particular shelving bay is identified and moving the mobile shelving units apart creates an adjacent aisle. Mobile shelving is opened and closed by pull handles, hand operated mechanical systems or electrically operated, push-button control systems. View our new ‘Proglide’ mobile storage system. This new high density storage system is available from stock for a 7 - 10 working day delivery.
With a high density mobile shelving system you can either double the capacity of filing/storage or create floor space for other productive purposes

Ease of Installation and relocation, as well as great aesthetics are at the heart of this mobile storage system. The low profile base can accommodate a range of shelving systems to match your specific requirements, whether for bulk storage of archive material or easy access to daily office filing.
The system is installed quickly and easily using pre-formed components, does not require fixing to the floor and is laid directly onto existing flooring, even carpet tiles. This eliminates the construction work associated with conventional systems resulting in minimal disruption to your workplace during installation.
Mobile Shelving AnimationA grid of tracks and beams is quickly laid and levelled to provide a level and secure foundation for the mobile bases. Tongue and groove floor panels are then laid to provide an attractive, hard-wearing non-slip laminate finish. Alternatively flooring to accommodate carpet, Vinyl or laminate finishes can also be specified. A ramp edging finishes the system and allows easy access for users, even with trolleys. The pre-assembled bases which incorporate integral anti-tilt safety feature are simply placed onto tracks ready for the shelving to be added.
The mobile shelving is moved by turning the three spoke hand wheel, which is linked to a drive shaft by a gear reduction chain for easier operation. Owing to the increased demands of Health and Safety, our unique locking hand wheel is supplied (as standard) with a ‘Push - Pull’ plunger that when pushed shut, restricts the movement of the bases, preventing accidental closure. The hand wheel is also available with a key lock for added security, the mobile units can be closed and locked together to prevent unauthorised access.
Ideal applications include: office filing systems, archive and archived document storage, media tape storage (VHS & Digibeta), high density industrial racking and shelving, medical and patient records for hospitals, doctors surgeries, X-Ray, Pathology, pharmacy, schools and educational establishments, libraries and more.

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