Dynamic Storage Systems

Gravity fed storage systems

Push Back Racking

Effectively utilising floor and cubic space dynamic push back racking is amongst the most space efficient pallet racking storage systems available.
Pallets are loaded in sequence onto wheeled carriers of differing heights and are pushed back along inclined steel guide channels to utilise the full depth of the pallet racking.
Pallets can be stored up to four deep and when a load is retrieved the remaining pallets roll forward into position at the picking face.
Pallets retrieved on a ‘first-in, last-out’ basis and with each product having a dedicated lane. Dynamic push back racking is particularly useful in marshaling areas, and for long term storage and handling.

Carton Flow Racking

Carton live storage or ‘flow racking’ operates on the same principle as pallet live storage, but is used for stock which needs to be hand-loaded and picked.
Live storage systems reduce order picking times and help minimise errors, as not only are items presented precisely at the picking face, but effective management of the throughput and stock levels of goods can also be easily maintained.
push back carton flow pallet live dynamic storage system

Pallet Live Racking

Working on a ‘first-in, first-out’ basis, dynamic live pallet racking provides extremely high levels of storage density in a given area.
Pallets are loaded onto dedicated lanes of inclined gravity feed rollers which are set at a fixed gradient. When a load is taken from the picking face, the next pallet rolls into position, with replenishment stock loaded at the opposite (upper) end of the lane.
Stock rotation is therefore automatic with the minimum of fork lift truck movements required to handle the flow of goods.

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