Mobile Pallet Racking

Ideal where space is at a premium and conventional pallet racking just doesn't provide enough storage capacity

So what is mobile pallet racking?

Simply, it's conventional pallet racking securely fixed to electrically driven mobile bases. These bases are extremely strong and designed to take the high working loads applied by the racking and its stored pallets. Running on pre-installed steel rails set in the concrete floor the mobile pallet racking utilises just one working forklift access aisle instead of multiple aisles when using conventional pallet racking.

When comparing standard pallet racking against mobile pallet racking storage capacity, then the movable racking option can give you up to 80% more storage capacity or, if you need to create additional floor space, then you could free up up to 40% more floor space using mobile racking against standard warehouse racking. Save on floor space or create more capacity, the choice is yours.

To gain access the racking the working aisle can be moved by the operator of the fork truck using a simple onboard control panel or using the manual control pad located at the end of the mobile bases. As the mobile pallet racking moves along in a concertina fashion the working aisle moves along to the required position. When the aisle is open and the system has stopped moving the truck can access the racking and remove the pallet in the normal way.

You can use either a standard reach / cantilever forklift or a narrow aisle 'man up' forklift truck within this type of high density storage system with no need to purchase a special forklift.
This type of mobile pallet racking is designed to meet your exact needs to maximise your available floor space and utilise all the available height. When it comes to safety our mobile pallet racking systems come with a whole host of safety features including full length safety bars located close to the ground and emergency stop buttons located at the ends of the racks. To stop people or forklifts entering the system whilst moving, lasers are fitted across the face of the mobile bases and when the beam gets broken the whole system immediately comes to a halt.

One of our sales team would be happy to visit you and undertake a full and detailed site survey and then we can provide you with a detailed quotation for mobile pallet racking to your individual requirements. Call us now for help and assistance on 01444 220290.

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Mobile pallet racking Mobile pallet racking
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