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Archiving any type of ‘live’ or ‘dead’ document or media, can be a costly exercise

Keep costs down by allowing SHELF SPACE to plan the most cost effective archive shelving system within the space you have available. A well planned and maintained archive shelving system enables fast and efficient file retrieval. Mobile Shelving is being used more and more in archive depositories / stores to maximise the capacity of existing rooms.

At SHELF SPACE, we have an archive shelving system to match your exact requirement. 
We recognise that as markets and legislation change, so do the demands this places on any archive shelving system.
Compliance with the new Freedom of Information Act and Data Protection Act is now a legal requirement.
Both Acts demand quick and easy location and retrieval of Information
Full access rights came into force in January 2005.
Similarly, as our economy becomes increasingly reliant on the service sector, volumes and methods of data storage increases. Records in the commercial sector such as finance continue to grow quick, easy-to-use filing systems help in the provision of rapid-response customer service.

Contact us now for solutions to a wide range of storage requirements, including the storage of any of the following materials:

Files and paper records
Digital storage and media (tapes and films)
Archive boxes and box files
Maps and manuscripts
Garment Hanging
Museum Collections
Medical records
Storage and Exhibition of Archival Documents – BS 5454

What is BS 5454?
BS5454 Storage and exhibition of Archival Documents is an advisory document only. This guide attempts to help archivists understand the key points to consider when considering shelving (mobile or static shelving) and storage requirements specifically within a BS5454 repository.
It does not examine every issue covered in the standard and archivists are recommended to contact the BSI direct if they wish to examine the complete standard in more detail.
Why use BS 5454?
It will aid the conservation of your archive by making you aware of potential hazards to which the collection can be exposed to. It has been proven that early and comprehensive planning of your repository will ais success considered when building an archive to BS5454 standards
General Shelving Recommendations for BS5454

�       Shelves should posses sufficient load bearing strength for items to be stored.
�       The mass and distribution of the load should be considered when designing the archive whether the shelving is static or mobile.
�       Shelf materials should not emit harmful emissions
�       The shelving system should allow sufficient air circulation to items being stored.
�       Shelves should be versatile and adjustable to allow for varying sizes and items in collection.
�       There should be no sharp edges on the shelf.
�       The shelf clips should not obstruct the withdrawal of documents or items stored.
�       Items should be stored inboard of the outer edge of the shelf or upright.

Shelf Space offer a choice of shelving systems, each with particular benefits, but all having the same attention to safety, quality in manufacture, stability, load bearing, strength and versatility. Please click on this link, to view our Stormor shelving range which conforms to BS5454 standards
Mobile Shelving Recommendations

A site visit from the manufacturer / Distributor is essential to assess floor loading requirements and advise on the most suitable storage system.
The mobile system should be installed onto tracks which are levelled to support the mobile bases.
Minimum gap of 25mm between runs will help air circulation.
Smooth movement of bases should ensure the items cannot slide or fall off shelves
To provide security for a closed mobile system, security locking can be incorporated. This will prevent un-authorised movement and enhance user safety.
Operation of all mobile systems should be possible with one hand operating a geared manual assisted drive system.
The length of the mobile base will be limited by the imposed load of the bases.
Mobile systems with a height to depth ratio of between 5:1 and 7.5:1 should be fitted with anti-tip devices. Heights in excess of these measures require bespoke design for stability purposes.
All operators should be fully trained before use.
The cladding of spines or rear of every 6th run of shelving would assist in controlling the spread of fire.
Gangways are recommended to be not less than 1100mm wide.
Aisles should be not less than 750mm wide.
By using a Shelf Space shelving or space efficient mobile system - ergonomically designed and tailored to specific needs - documents, publications, archives, manuscripts or digital data can be retrieved quickly and easily and returned for safe keeping. Systems include manually or electrically operated mobile shelving systems.
We are able to supply Archive Shelving for:

�       Archive Box Storage
�       Lateral Hanging Files
�       Foolscap
�       Medical Records
�       Files, Directories & books
�       Bulk Archives and Records
�       Video & Film Storage

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